Patron Horde member Jon Cole has whipped up a nice little reference sheet of all the tricks in Swords Without Master.

It now joins the Rogue Sheets, the Lore Phase & Thread, and Ritual of the Neophyte in the growing library of Swords Without Master material.

Swords Without Master was published in the third issue of Worlds Without Master:

You can purchase a PDF of this issue from me for $3.99.

Or you can purchase it at DriveThruRPG.

 Purchase all three back issues of Worlds Without Master from me at a bundle price of $9.99.

Or you can purchase the bundle at DriveThruRPG.


Thanks to Stras Acimovic for the photos and the impetus!

At the behest of a member of the Patron Horde, I have put together some handy cards to help spread the word should you find yourself playing Wolfspell or Swords Without Master with someone who has never played before.

You can find the whole set here as individual cards, sheets designed for use with scissors and sheets for those of us wielding paper cutters.

Some disassembly required.

The Swords Without Master card comes with its own ritual: The Ritual of the Neophyte–Give the card to someone playing Swords Without Master for the first time and you may celebrate by changing the Overtone to Jovial.

IMG_20140410_012406The Wolfspell card also has a rules modification: The Way of Fang & Claw–Give the card to someone playing Wolfspell for the first time to turn a Blood result they just rolled into a Wolf result of the same value.

Feel free to print, share and use these however you wish. They are slightly classier than getting a QR code of tattooed across your back and then insisting people take pictures of it with their phones. I have been told that that is not acceptable and that if I don’t put my shirt back on, I’ll get kicked out of the pub.

Worlds Without MasterAs of now, all my own personal fiction that appears in Worlds Without Master, is also available as free PDFs. None of the art, games, comics or articles. And none of the fiction from the other authors. Just my own fiction.

You can get the first three stories here:

If you enjoy these stories, I highly recommend you purchase the back issues:

 All 3 back issues of Worlds Without Master for $9.99.


And join the Patron Horde, so that you can experience them in their natural habitat, surrounded by glorious art, comics, games and more fiction.

As you may or may not have heard, Swords Without Master was released earlier this week in the latest issue of Worlds Without Master. (If you haven’t picked up a copy for your very own, you can do that here.) Since then, there has been a few requests for ancillary material. Because there is no material quite as exquisite as ancillary material, I had no choice but to oblige.

Rogue Sheets

Behold! A sheet for each one of the Swords Without Master primary character classes, including all the necessary progression tables.

The Lore Phase & Thread

The Lore Phase was intentionally written entirely on one page so that resourceful players could print it out and always have a copy of it on hand should a lore question strike them at an inopportune time. In fact, examples of each tone were put in the summary, just for those moments when you could only find neophytes for Lore Players.

Desktop Backgrounds

The Patron Horde is damn close to reaching its color cover art funding goal. The days of our ever faithful skull & sword are numbered! These desktop backgrounds are provided in an anticipatory memorial.

Vernal WwoM Cover 800 x 600Classic Cover

Winter Cover

Vernal Cover

Photo courtesy of Renato Ramonda.

Photo courtesy of Renato Ramonda.

The Sage, the Rover & the Roasted Bean

Speaking of funding goals, a few months back the ranks of the Patron Horde made it possible for me to purchase a cup of coffee and an official Worlds Without Master coffee mug was born in the resulting celebratory fire.

You can purchase this handsome mug for your very own coffee break over at Society6.

It is out! Issue three of Worlds Without Master contains Swords Without Master I will be forthcoming with more details once I get a meal in me and a little rest.

In the meantime, if you’re not a member of the Patron Horde and you want to get your hands on the latest issue, here are some ways to do that.

 Purchase a PDF of Worlds Without Master Volume 1, Issue 3 from me for $3.99.

Or you can purchase it at DriveThruRPG.

 Purchase all three back issues of Worlds Without Master from me at a bundle price of $9.99.

Or you can purchase the bundle at DriveThruRPG.

Earlier this week I had a delightful discussion with fellow ezine publishers Mark Diaz Truman, Alex Mayo and Matt Snyder about how Patreon works for this publishing model. But fret not! You have missed nothing. For through the strange sorceries of the the Internet, said discussion has been preserved for all time!

Curious about what I’m doing with this exciting new crowdfunding platform? Check out Worlds Without Master.

WebImageSomewhere around the end of this month I’m looking to put out the third issue of Words Without Master, and it promises to be a big one, what with the inclusion of Swords Without Master and all. If you want in on this action, there are several ways you can do this (some of which are new or have changed since November).

  • The Wandering Merchant patron-level gets you an ad in the e-zine much like the ads that you find in issues one and two: about 1/3rd of the page and found wandering through the tales and adventures. ($60 an issue.)
  • The Bazaar patron-level gets you a smaller ad that’s situated on a page with several other ads–in the bazaar, if you will. (Now only $20 an issue.)

If you’re looking to advertise in only one issue of Worlds Without Master, simply sign up for the level you want and then change or remove your pledge level after that issue has been released. Once you have an advertising slot in the e-zine, you have it until you decide to change your patron-level. In the very fortunate event that all the slots should fill up, then potential advertisers will have to wait until current advertisers relinquish their slots or until the issue grows enough in size to accommodate more ads.

If you wish to pay for just a single issue’s worth of advertising, you can do that now with PayPal as long as space is still available. (I’ll email you the particulars after I’m notified by PayPal.)

 The Wandering Merchant, ~1/3rd page ad, mixed in with the content. $60.

 The Bazaar, business card size ad, found among other ads. $20.


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