Introducing the Vast & Starlit library.

A nano-game of interstellar crime & rebellion by Epidiah Ravachol


Vast & Starlit: The core rulebook. A universe of adventure that fits in your pocket. Just under 445 words long, and jam packed with all you need to play:

  • Character creation rules;
  • Rules for creating your rogue vessel;
  • Aggressive GM-full, drama-forward, scene now, story framing mechanics;
  • Complete rules for creating alien species, cultures and environments;
  • And bold diceless resolution mechanics.

Bodies in the Dark: The sex and warfare supplement. Romance among the stars! Orbital bombardments of the moon! The longest book in the library, clocking in at just over 460 words long in two full-color pages, this tome includes:

  • Rules for commanding troops and seducing lovers;
  • Tension mechanics for turning up the heat on a firefight or romance;
  • Add-ons to make sexier or more warlike alien species, cultures and environments;
  • Mechanics for handling long military campaigns and drawn out love affairs;
  • And forbidden taboos!

Stellar Atlas: A full-color map of the entire galaxy rendered in loving detail over a gorgeous two-page spread. Also included:

  • Mechanics to govern interstellar travel and pursuit;
  • Add-ons to customize alien species, cultures and environments to their origin in the galaxy;
  • And a complete account of the Seven Wonders of the Galaxy.

Renegade’s Technical Manual: This is the one for all you savvyheads out there. Gear, gear, gear. Almost 450 words of technical know-how, this full-color manual includes:

  • Rules for creating new and alien technology;
  • Calibration mechanics to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the wacky, weird and powerful;
  • Guidelines for customizing technologies to the cultures that created them;
  • Customization rules for the player character’s personal gear;
  • And rules for building, repairing, inventing, constructing, jury rigging, and demolition on a deadline or at the sort of leisurely pace only interstellar travel can allow.

Awesome! How do I buy this?

Well, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.

The Easy Way

You find me, at a convention or meet-up or in a coffee shop (I’m rather partial to the Brass Buckle in Greenfield, MA) and you hand me one lousy American dollar and I had you the book of your choice. We can continue handing dollars and books back and forth until you’ve had your fill or one of us runs out of dollars or books.

The Hardest Way

I am just about out of physical copies of the game. So the hard way is discontinued until conditions are right for a reprint.

The Hard Way

If you don’t want to meet me face-to-face, that’s fine. I totally understand. I wouldn’t if I were you. I can still get the game to you. Here are the hoops I’m going to make you jump through:

Mail me one dollar, or whatever currently exchanges for a dollar in your country’s currency; along with a self-addressed, stamped* envelope; and a drawing for each book you wish to purchase. You may use the same self-addressed, stamped envelope for up to four books, but you need spend one dollar and one drawing per book.

The subject of your drawing will depend on which book you’re getting.

  • Vast & Starlit: Send me a drawing of a spacecraft of your invention.
  • Bodies in the Dark: Send me a drawing of two aliens fighting or making out.
  • Stellar Atlas: Send me a drawing of an alien sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, or any other view of the sky from an alien planet.
  • Renegade’s Technical Manual: Send me a drawing of some alien piece of technology.

You don’t have to do the drawings yourself, though I wish you would. However, you must have the rights to grant me the non-exclusive rights to use the drawings to promote Vast & Starlit and use them in future Vast & Starlit related materials. Because that’s what you’re going to be doing.

Warning: I am not responsible for the condition the game reaches you in if we do this the hard way. I’m sure the post office will be as gentle as possible, but I can’t guarantee anything.

* International orders can ignore the stamped requirement and just send an additional dollar. More details here.