Time to Get Started

Let’s kick this off right.

Time & Temp: Unbound Edition

Sold Out: I currently have no more copies of Time & Temp: Unbound Edition. But fret not! There will be more waiting for you at Indie Press Revolution real soon now and then there’s the PDF version titled Time & Temp: The Paperless Office Edition.

There are a bunch of Time & Temps trekking to IPR as I type, but for those who can’t wait, I have eight (8) six (6) five (5) four (4) two (2) no copies burning a hole in my pocket! If you’ve got PayPal and want a copy, e-mail me (address to the right) for availability. $20 plus $3 shipping and handling for those within the continental United States. Talk to me about shipping elsewhere.

You’ll get a numbered manila file jacket containing:

  • The complete rules on six 8½ x 11 card stock handouts;
  • The Browne Chronometric Engineering, Inc., Employee Handbook;
  • The General Management Policy;
  • A letter to the prospective employee from Marigold Staffing;
  • A sheet of Incident Reports;
  • And access to free PDF updates in perpetuity.

One comment

  1. Emily · September 22, 2009

    Yay! D1KH!!!

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