Psst, Want to Time Travel?

Time & Temp: Paperless Office Edition is now available!

That’s right, no more waiting for the Unbound Edition, the PDF version of the game is ready to roll out.

Drop $10 here:  

And as fast as I can answer my e-mail, the PDF will be on your virtual doorstep.

(Warning: If you already have the Unbound Edition, you will receive this edition as part of the free PDF updates. Do not purchase it.)

But that’s not all the time traveling involved! Oh no!

Since hard copies are a bit scarce at the moment, for the whole month of October, if you purchase the Paperless Office Edition from me and then, at a later date when I have the Unbound Edition available, if you decide to purchase the hardcopy from me, you will be discounted the entire cost of the Paperless edition.*

It will be as if you went back in time and changed your order to the Unbound Edition. That’s the power of chrono-economics!

* Here are the particulars: You must purchase both editions from me, and not another outlet. Your purchase of the Paperless Office Edition must occur during the month of October, but your purchase of the Unbound Edition could occur any time between now and December 31st, 2009, and it will only cost you $10 plus shipping and handling. No actual time travel will be involved, as that would be extraordinarily irresponsible.

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