The Matrix of the Future, Today!

And now a special treat with those of you who have access to one of those calculating engines that are all the rage these days: the Matrix, in digital form!

This Excel spreadsheet designed by my friend Miguel . . .

  • Prevents illegal placement of numbers in the Matrix;
  • Automatically checks off numbers in the Anachronometrics;
  • Highlights synchronic sets when you get them;
  • And records the number of synchronic tokens you’ve earned.

It’s pretty damn handy, especially for those of you who are trying to achieve a truly paperless office.

(When using the Temporal Villainy Index, GMs can check off the higher numbers in the Anachronometrics by recording those numbers in some lonely corner of the Matrix.)


  1. Michael · October 16, 2009

    Damn. I had the same thought. Glad someone that wasn’t as lazy as moi got around to it. Though I’m trying to finagle it in Openoffice and I don’t think the programing carried over. If I try to enter a number into the insertion point, it tells me I can only put a number adjacent to another number.
    How does it handle the process of shifting numbers due to anomalies? (Also I need to read the sections on Anomalies. I have some questions about them but I’ll try to answer them myself using the source material first.)

  2. Epidiah · October 16, 2009

    For anomalies, I think you can do it by hand. Just keep in mind that the blank spots in the Matrix should have a value of 0.

  3. Miguel · October 16, 2009

    The spreadsheet doesn’t use macros, but the formulas, conditional formatting and name usage is heavy. Unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with OO to make a compatible version, sorry.

    • Michael · October 16, 2009

      No problem. I was making more of an observation than a demand. Just a heads up to anyone else that uses OO or anyone else that cares for whatever reason that it didn’t work. Didn’t mean to sound like I was being upset or anything.

  4. Miguel · October 16, 2009

    No problem, I would love to know more about OO, but I have invested so much time in Excel that I don’t feel comfortable with other spreadsheet.

    Regarding the sheet, the hardest part is the pattern recognition for synchronic sets. If I take that out, that workbook could work on OO; would you try it if I make it?

    • Michael · October 17, 2009

      I can give it a shot.

      I also uploaded the file to to see how it works. In that case there’s not problem entering numbers and the anachro..thingy records the number as well, but it doesn’t recognize or record synchronic sets.

  5. Mike Ostrokol · October 24, 2009

    Oddly enough, I’ve been playing around with a web-based version. It’s still rough – the Javascript really only works satisfactorily in Firefox 3+ (and sub-optimally but decently in Chrome and Safari), and it doesn’t track anomalies or sychronic sets (yet!). However, my goal is to eventually set up an online repository for Chronometric Disturbance Reports (Matrices) using this test file as a template.

  6. Epidiah · October 24, 2009

    That’s pretty awesome. I particularly like the proposed online repository feature. Definitely keep us updated.

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