A Brief Glimpse Into the Future

There are a couple of events on my horizon that I wish to share with you. The first is not particularly gaming related, but that shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying it.

At the end of this month and for the first weekend of November, Figment Theatre here in New York will be producing Monster Uprising, a collection of three original plays based on classic horror monsters. And one of the plays was written by yours truly.

Having see a read-through of the other plays being presented, I’m profoundly flattered to have mine share the stage with them. Figment Theatre has a cast of immensely talented and downright charming actors, directors & producers. A guaranteed good time for all who make it out of this. Get your tickets here.

Then, in the second weekend of November, I will be at JiffyCon in Greenfield, Massachusetts, where some lucky attendees will get a chance to playtest Swords Without Master, a sword and sorcery descendant of MonkeyDome that I’ve been fiddling around with.

But that’s not all! Emily Care Boss and I will also be playtesting Dread House, a host-less version of Dread designed for pre- and early teen crowd. There’s an age limit on this one, folks. No grownups allowed.


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