Heading to Dreamation and Other Odds & Ends

Tonight, I’m off to Dreamation to run me some Time & Temp and Swords Without Master, and play in so much more. But before I leave, here are a few things of temporal beauty.

First, from the wonderful website Information Is Beautiful, is a detailed account of how they arrived at this gorgeous map of timelines from a number of popular time travel TV shows and movies. I can definitely sympathize with the struggle to present so many variables with so much motion in a clear, easy to digest format.

Second, I’ve finally gotten around to watching Timecrime, a tightly written, suspenseful film that wonderfully illustrates some graver dangers of time travel. I highly recommend it as a great illustration of how Browne Chronometric Engineering, Inc., views the nature of time travel. (Though the tone is not exactly one would come to expect from a Time & Temp game.)

This trailer is a tad spoiler-y. Or perhaps it’s a spoiler to tell you that. Shit. I’m sorry.


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