Thar’s Temps in Them Thar Hills!

I can’t leave this place for a weekend without everything falling apart. After four oxygen-deficient days with my family in gorgeous, but dizzying Keystone, Colorado, where I competed in my own personal brand of Winter Olympics*, I come home to find there’s been a rush on Time & Temp orders thanks a lovely review over at

The bad news is, if you haven’t already heard from me via e-mail, I don’t have an Unbound Edition left here for you. But the good news is two-fold. I have a new print run I’m sending to IPR. They should get it soon.

And I have still have an infinite supply of the Paperless Office Edition available, which you can purchase at $10 a pop by clicking on the gold button, or heading over to IPR.

* Consisting largely of a sport in which I don downhill skis and the proceed to repeatedly throw my body at the side of a mountain.

One comment

  1. Buccaneers Guild · March 3, 2010

    I have a review in draft in my wordpress back end at the moment. Needs some polishing.

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