In Local News…

I recently had a chance to visit NYC’s newest gaming retailer, the Twenty-Sided Store. A wonderful little shop tucked away in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Check out this awesome sign.

Dread and Time & Temp can be found right next to the Battle System. And if you don't know which one is the Battle System, you clearly didn't purchase the same games I did growing up.

They’re just getting started, but are already headed in the right direction with a huge emphasis on space for playing games. There’s plenty of table space there that you can cheaply rent, and a collection of boardgames. They also have a RPG library of rule books you can peruse while your there, among which you’ll now find Dread and Time & Temp–two games that will very soon be available for purchase there.

The staff is tremendously friendly and eager to make the store a go-to place for gaming. I can definitely see it becoming one of my haunts. If you’re in the neighborhood, I definitely recommend checking them out. Hell, if you do, let me know beforehand and I might swing by so we can game.

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