The Time Immortal Bundle

Can’t decide if you want to play a vampire game or a time travel game? Well, here’s your chance to do both. Time & Temp: Paperless Office Edition is now bundled with Annalise: The Final Edition in a promotion we’re calling The Time Immortal Bundle. Get both PDFs now for only $15.

Then you can combine the two into an awesome weekend of gaming.


Here’s how you do it:

Night 1: Put together a Time & Temp game in which the temps are sent back in to the late 1800s to prevent a time traveling Stephanie Meyer from convincing Bram Stoker that Dracula would be so much cooler with sparkles.

Night 2: Put together an Annalise game in which Bram Stoker, right after being saved from a fate worse than death by the temps, gets involved in a tryst with a real life vampire that inspires him to write Dracula.

Next Weekend: Rinse and repeat.


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