For the Time Traveling Foodie

Dear Time & Temp GMs,

If you’re mucking about in British history, you’re going to want check out the History Cookbook for all your dining needs. It’s a lovely collection of dishes categorized by the eras in which they were commonly eaten.

Regrettably, the recipes seem to be confined to British history, but if that’s good enough for Doctor Who, it should do quite nicely for the occasional temp adventure. And I have no idea how accurate any of this is, but then again, accuracy is not a temp’s strong suit. In any case, it should make a lovely resource for creating a reasonably realistic meals whether they’re for your temps or for your players.

Yours truly,


P.S. One’s favorite meal would make an excellent eidolon or simulacrum for a Swords Without Master rogue.

P.P.S. If anyone has other resources on the history and anthropology of food and cuisine, hit me up with a link in the comments. I know they’re out there.

P.P.S. Do check out the comments.



  1. Vincent · June 27, 2011

    Here’s my fave:

    • Epidiah · June 27, 2011

      Oh, that’s an excellent resource!

  2. Frank Feeley · July 26, 2011

    I love the crap out of that link Eppy! I recently paged through “Lobscouse and Spotted Dog” about the foods featured in Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey & Maturin novels. There’s some gross food in there.

  3. Daniel · July 29, 2011

    From an anthropological standpoint, Cows, Pigs, Wars, and Witches by Marvin Harris has some interesting takes on certain cultures’ takes on taboo food animals from a materialistic standpoint. The Paleolithic Prescription (out of print, I think) is more of a physical anthropology look at how human bodies evolved in accordance with availability of food sources (along with other bits, in line with evolutionary medicine ideas). I’ll dig around and see if I have any stuff left from the nutritional anthropology class I took years ago.

  4. Ara · August 17, 2011

    Prehistoric cooking by Jacqui Wood – covering early European cooking

    Seven Centuries of English Cooking by Maxme de la Falaise

    Medieval Cuisine of the Islamic World by Lilia Zaouali

    The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy by Odile Redon, et al

    A Taste of Ancient Rome by Giacosa

    Pueblo Indian Cookbook complied by Phyllis Hughes for post-European contact (actually genocide is the better word) Native American cooking in NM pueblos.

    These are all really good books and loads of fun to cook from.

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