MonkeyDome Accused of Being Classy

Teacher Pete Figtree talks about using games and gaming tools in the classroom on his freshly minted podcast Ruthless Diastema. And on episode 01 he gives MonkeyDome some loving. If you’re curious about the game, but not ready to commit to the zero-dollar price tag, I highly recommend giving this a listen to. It includes a thorough rundown of the game, how it works and how it can be used as a teaching tool. So thorough, in fact, that he actually manages to solve an issue I’ve been having trying to communicate one of the MonkeyDome rules that has survived the process of becoming Swords Without Master.

MonkeyDome, as you may or may not know, is a game about post-apocalyptic action and comedy created in a single week by Emily Care Boss, Jason Keeley, John Stavropolous, Jim Sullivan and myself. We published it as the Imagination Sweatshop and delivered physical copies of it to JiffyCon-goers eight days after its inception. And now it’s available as free PDF on this page.

love this little game. The creation of MonkeyDome was a manic, amazing experience. We used a process we coined playstorming, wherein we sit down and start playing the game before almost any of the design work is done. We design as we play and then we play it some more. Nonstop roleplaying action. Hell, after we were finished–bleary eyed from the last couple sleepless nights spent trying to write, layout and assemble the physical object–we were stuck on an train slowly working its way towards JiffyCon. You’d think we’d while away those hours napping, but no, instead we played our first hack of the game set in the Young Guns II universe. It was glorious.

It was on that train ride, playing that game, that Swords Without Master was conceived.


One comment

  1. Pete Figtree · August 11, 2011

    What did I solve!? What did I solve!? Yay!


    Thanks for the cool, free game. And, sorry for any inaccuracies in the cast.

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