A Grim Future for Browne Chronometric Engineering, Inc.

Tough times are ahead for Browne Chronometrics. Recent protests in NYC (and around the world) about unchecked corporate power have included a vocal minority calling for government oversight in the heretofore unregulated industry of temporal engineering. These demands have focused, of course, on the industry leader–and sole owner of the only working temporal transport patents–shining a very uncomfortable spotlight on BCE, Inc., and its operations.

What’s more, the change in the political climate may provoke further investigation into the recent economic troubles the world has been facing, which could uncover some unfortunate temporal trading schemes of certain CEOs.

And now the chronometric cat is out of the bag. New Scientist has just published a how-to guide to building your own time machine, presaging the 2013 boom in temporal tourism which will lead to a massive influx of work orders for temporal maintenance technicians as millions of hapless tourists make a right mess of history (in particular over 55 million Americans trying to beat themselves to the 2012 polls in order to change their votes).

Browne Chronometric Engineering, Inc., must have known this was coming. And I’m sure they have a plan. Still, can’t expect it will be easy. They’re going to need some help.

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