It Is the End

The Mayans predicted it.

As did Nostradamus.

As did a bushel of other mystics, seers, prophets, and holy men. And a more than a few crazies. “2012,” they said. “2012 is the year in which it will all end.”

And by all, they mean “Time & Temp: Unbound Edition.” And by end, they mean “go out of print.”

Yes, 2012 is the year in which it will Time & Temp: Unbound Edition go out of print.

Or some arrangement of those words that make sense.

As of right now, I have no more copies of the Unbound Edition. Nor do I intend to print any more. There are still some floating around out there, at various stores and whatnot. A smattering of them are still available at IPR. I’ve personally seen a few of them on the shelves at Modern Myths. So, if for some reason you’re desperate for the Unbound Edition and you haven’t found the time to purchase it in the past two and a half years, you still have a chance if you act fast and dig around.

But This is Not the End End

No, not by a longshot!

  • You still have Time & Temp: Paperless Office to knock around. All the power of Time & Temp: Unbound Edition in the convenience of a PDF.
  • I have finally begun work on a bound edition, simply called Time & Temp. All the content of the Unbound Edition–plus some extra stuff I’ve been working on–in the convenience of a book.
  • Current owners of the Unbound Edition, fret not! It remains a living file. Whatever additions are in the bound edition will be made available to you for free via PDF.

And that’s not all! The Time & Temp family is growing. There is a card game in the works, tentatively title Time & Temp: Office Politics. It’s a bridge-like bidding and trick taking card game in which the players compete to lead the temps as they police history and maintain temporal integrity. All the drama of Time & Temp–gunslingers, mummies, Nazis, dinosaurs, spacemen, a shattered time machine and ass-kissers trying to earn a full-time position–in the convenience of a card game.

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