Let’s Chat About Games

Hard Working Game Designers Enjoying Their Mid-Morning Coffee Break

For the most part, I try to use this blog for official announcements and the like. Occasionally I’ll chat a little about this game or that here, if it is specifically pertinent to one of my games. But on the whole, I try not to gum up the signal here with too much noise.

That, of course, is of no help to those of you who, in fact, yearn for all that delectable noise. For you proud few, I present this Quick Guide to Chatting with Eppy:

  • Over on Google+ I shoot my mouth off about all sorts of random game stuff. If you do swing by there, be sure to let me know you’re interested in hearing about games, so I can put you in the proper circle. Otherwise you might just get an eyeful of lazy vegan cooking tips.
  • While you’re over on Google+, check out the Design Matters community, which is not only frequented by myself, but a number of other great designers. It’s a great place to go if you a question about a specific game of mine.
  • I’m not as active on Twitter as I used to be, but if you watch my feed there very closely, you’ll get the occasional pithy nugget or poop joke.
  • Finally, if you ever find yourself in the Western Massachusetts area, drop me an email. Who knows, we might be able to meet up for some coffee and game talk.


  1. Antonio Eleuteri · May 9, 2013

    Any update when the game will be ready?


    • Epidiah · May 9, 2013

      I suspect you’re asking about Swords Without Master. Unfortunately I don’t have an official update yet, because whenever I do I keep swallowing those words and they are bitter.

      I should have an official announcement late in the summer.

      • Antonio Eleuteri · May 10, 2013

        Yes, I was interested in Swords without Master. I hope to get my hands on it as soon as possible. But no sooner than you are ready 😉
        Keep up the good work, I love your games!


      • Epidiah · May 10, 2013

        Why thank you!

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