Interstellar Shipping

Interstellar Delivery

Good news for non-Americans looking to get a hold of Vast & Starlit!

The entire Vast & Starlit library is light enough that I can ship it anywhere in the world for a little over a dollar. So forget the search for International Reply Coupons. Here’s the new plan:

If you want Vast & Starlit shipped anywhere outside of the United States of America, you can simply send a self-addressed envelope and one extra dollar instead of the postage.

  • You still need to include a dollar (or equivalent) for each book;
  • You still need to include a drawing for each book;
  • And this is for international customers only. If it’s shipping to the U.S. you still have to provide your own postage.*


* The whole library is less than an ounce and fits in a regular-sized envelope.


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  2. Michael Reddick · April 30, 2013

    You want the funds in our local currency? Not converted to dollars?

    • Epidiah · May 1, 2013

      Yes, please. That way I can remember all the countries around the world that I’ve shipped Vast & Starlit to.

      • Michael Reddick · May 1, 2013

        Cool and you need a stamped addressed envelope? What size? As UK and US sizes are different! Cpuld you re-enforce with cardboard for an extra dollar equivalent? I intend running this at a UK indie games convention

      • Epidiah · May 1, 2013

        The envelope only needs to be stamped if you want the games shipped within the U.S. Otherwise, forgo the stamp and just send me an extra dollar for shipping.

        The game books are shipped flat (you have to fold them when you get them). In this configuration they’re about 3.5 inches by 4 inches. Together, four of the game books weigh about 0.4 ounces. Since my international shipping scheme only works if the whole package, envelope and all, is less than an ounce, you can add about half an ounce’s worth of packaging material.

        That said, when you buy a bundle of the books (like all four books in the library), I shrink wrap them together and that makes them fairly sturdy and durable all on their own.

      • mick reddick · May 2, 2013

        Excellent I’ll get my crayons out!!! Order imminent now how many $ to the £ ATM? All four books plus postage (many need a few copies to pass on if I’m running it at coins unless your happy for me to give an in for sheet to players with details on how to obtain from you)

      • Epidiah · May 2, 2013

        The info sheet sounds great.

        I print up these and hand them out:

      • mick reddick · May 4, 2013

        A british £5 note is $7.58 so I’ll post that unless you want the exact conversion in coins of the realm 🙂

      • Epidiah · May 4, 2013

        Whatever you’re comfortable with. I’ll be honest, I basically take people’s word for it when it comes to the strange currencies.

  3. Ander · May 22, 2013

    I’ll send you 5 euros and the four drawings. Be aware that I am a complete disaster as far as hand drawing is concerned 😀

    • Epidiah · May 22, 2013

      I shall prepare for disaster!

  4. Matt · May 30, 2013

    Ha! Excellent! My local post office workers give me slightly panicked looks whenever I come in now after that time I was asking after International Reply Coupons. Poor things.

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