Words Without Master

I am about to embark on a childhood dream. One born in the fantasy section of the Appleton Public Library decades ago. Cue dramatic music . . .

With the job market flooded with superheroes and messiahs, it’s hard times for the lowly adventurer. It seems like if your tale doesn’t concern the fate of the known world at the very least, no one’s interested in hearing it. The level of respect for the profession is so low that people nowadays believe rogue is just another word for thief.

Together, my sisters- and brothers-in-arms, we can change this! We can answer the call and help the wayfarers, the rovers, the scapegraces, the rogues–and yes, even the sorcerers–help raise them back up to their once lofty positions as protagonists of our favorite fictions.

Words Without Master is an adventure fiction and gaming magazine featuring sword & sorcery short fiction and games from Epidiah Ravachol and many others. A magazine that will grow in size and content as its patron horde grows in number.

What Is Eppy’s Plan?

Each month or so, I’ll build a new issue starting with a tale or game from me.

As more money becomes available, I will use it to:

  • Purchase new fiction, articles & game material from other authors;
  • Hire artists to illustrate the stories & articles;
  • Buy color cover art;
  • Hire graphic designers;
  • And hire proofreaders & editors to keep everything on the up and up.

When I feel we have a satisfying amount of material, I will publish the magazine in a multiple electronic formats.

  • This happens when it happens;
  • But never more than once a month.

What Are Eppy’s Goals?

  • To eventually publish monthly;
  • To publish enough fiction, games & related articles to last you a whole month;
  • To publish a magazine the gods themselves would stock in their waiting room;
  • To feature genres beyond sword & sorcery in special seasonal issues;
  • To amass an army of patrons vast enough to pay my contributors a rate worthy of their works;
  • And to seriously pay my contributors a highly competitive rate.

How Can I Aid In This Endeavor?

You can become a patron.

  • Spend as little as $1 per issue.
  • You only pay when an issue is published, and never more than once a month.
  • Discount packages for sparring partners & entire gaming groups are available.

You can spread the word.

  • The more patrons we get the more content we can afford.
  • So tell all your friends & foes who you think might be interested.




  1. Doc Cross · July 18, 2013

    This is very interesting indeed. I may have some stuff to submit.

    • Epidiah · July 20, 2013

      Excellent! I look forward to it.

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