Preparations Begin

All the pieces are in motion. Words Without Master, issue one, rides out at the end of September. Seers and their twisted scouts can now scry what–with the aid of the mighty Patron Horde–rides with it:

  • “Jakko Orange,” a tale from Vincent Baker and the debut adventure of the titular character;

  • A Manyara and Snorri tale written by Epidiah Ravachol entitled “Strange Bireme;”

  • Enter the Avenger, a roleplaying game of swords, sorcery, and  the troubling insecurities of vengeance by Rafu (Raffaele Manzo);

  • Illustrations from Ed Heil, Storn Cook, and Tazio Bettin;

  • And an as of yet untitled sword & sorcery comic from Bryant Paul Johnson.

Can you taste it on the winds? The storm is coming. That Which Is must make way for That Which Will Be.


It’s out! You can pick up a copy here if you are not already part of the Patron Horde.

Buy Worlds Without Master Vol 1 Issue 1

Worlds Without Master, Volume 1, Issue 1 for $3.99. PDF.


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