The Uncertainty of Vengeance and the Drudgery of Adventure

One of the illustrations for Enter the Avenger by Tazio Bettin.

One of the unexpected joys of publishing Worlds Without Master is being able to take the Patron Horde along with me on adventures in my own personal fandom. We ride together over wind-beaten steppes and through preternatural storm into my own personal promise land, where such delights await discovery!

Here’s a taste of just two of the reasons I love this first issue of Worlds Without Master:

Enter the Avenger

Rafu‘s roleplaying game of swords, sorcery and vengeance. Not clean vengeance. Not vengeance best served at any temperature. But vengeance as uncertain as it is brutal.

Click here to check out the entire game.

Oh, the Beating Drum!

Bryant Paul Johnson‘s comic about adventurers who, like many of us, find themselves wondering if there might be more fulfilling employment out there.

Check out the first page of the comic here. And seriously, check out that first panel and tell me when was the last time your job was that exciting.

Buy both of these and more in the first issue of Worlds Without Master.

Help fill future issues of Worlds Without Master with even more tantalizing treasures by joining the Patron Horde!


  1. mechanteanemone · October 7, 2013

    What a great image!

    • Epidiah · October 7, 2013

      I know, right? So happy to have talented artists like Tazio and the others involved in the issue.

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