Looking to Advertise in Worlds Without Master?

Worlds Without Master

There is a new option available for those looking to both support Worlds Without Master and to advertise their own creative or commercial endeavors.

The Wandering Merchant patron-level gets you an ad in the e-zine much like the ads that you find in issue one: about 1/3rd of the page and found wandering through the content. This is what was previously called the Bazaar and is still at $60 an issue.

The new Bazaar patron-level gets you a smaller ad that’s situated on a page with several other ads–in the bazaar, if you will. It only costs $30 an issue.

If you’re looking to advertise in only one issue of Worlds Without Master, simply sign up for the level you want and then change or remove your pledge level after that issue has been released. Once you have an advertising slot in the e-zine, you have it until you decide to change your patron-level. In the very fortunate event that all the slot should fill up, then potential advertisers will have to wait until current advertisers relinquish their slots or until the issue grows enough in size to accommodate more ads.

As of today, the first issue of Worlds Without Master has been delivered to just over 240 readers. I don’t know the exact size of the readership, since many who signed up for the Twain and the Adventuring Party levels opted to pass along their extra issues themselves. And the readership of any individual issue is likely to grow as future issues are released.



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