Vast & Starlit the Third Way

Finally, the entire Vast & Starlit Library is available in a PDF. But there’s a catch . . . there’s always a catch. For the moment, the only way to get the Vast & Starlit Library PDF (which includes Vast & Starlit, Bodies in the Dark, The Stellar Atlas and The Renegade’s Technical Manual)  is to trick those chaos-corrupted elves over at the North Pole to deliver it to you and a friend or loved on on Epimas morn.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Choose a victim.
  2. Go to
  3. Figure out which games on that list both you and your victim already own.
  4. Check those games off to ensure you don’t receive them on Epimas.
  5. Make sure you have not checked off the Vast & Starlit Library in the stocking-stuffer section.
  6. Choose among bundles offered to you.
  7. And wait for the fateful day they arrive in your inbox.

So give the gift of chaos this Epimas and reap your just rewards.


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