Advertising in Worlds Without Master

WebImageSomewhere around the end of this month I’m looking to put out the third issue of Words Without Master, and it promises to be a big one, what with the inclusion of Swords Without Master and all. If you want in on this action, there are several ways you can do this (some of which are new or have changed since November).

  • The Wandering Merchant patron-level gets you an ad in the e-zine much like the ads that you find in issues one and two: about 1/3rd of the page and found wandering through the tales and adventures. ($60 an issue.)
  • The Bazaar patron-level gets you a smaller ad that’s situated on a page with several other ads–in the bazaar, if you will. (Now only $20 an issue.)

If you’re looking to advertise in only one issue of Worlds Without Master, simply sign up for the level you want and then change or remove your pledge level after that issue has been released. Once you have an advertising slot in the e-zine, you have it until you decide to change your patron-level. In the very fortunate event that all the slots should fill up, then potential advertisers will have to wait until current advertisers relinquish their slots or until the issue grows enough in size to accommodate more ads.

If you wish to pay for just a single issue’s worth of advertising, you can do that now with PayPal as long as space is still available. (I’ll email you the particulars after I’m notified by PayPal.)

 The Wandering Merchant, ~1/3rd page ad, mixed in with the content. $60.

 The Bazaar, business card size ad, found among other ads. $20.


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