The Near Destiny of Dig 1,000 Holes

  • Pencils have been pushed.
  • Numbers have been crunched.
  • Maths have been done.
  • And all calculations point to the same inescapable conclusion:

2015 will be my most productive year since the 70s.

This is no easy task, given the productivity of the past couple of years. In 2013, I published the entire Vast & Starlit library, What is a Roleplaying Game? and Wolfspell, not to mention launching the Worlds Without Master ezine. In 2014, with the combined might of the Patron Horde at my side, I published four more issues of Worlds Without Master and through them two new roleplaying games: Swords Without Master and Sorceress Bloody Sorceress.

However, 2015 will see, among other projects, at least four new games from me.


Lincoln-IconThere are many trials an idea must go through before it starts to take shape as an actual game. And that’s when the true tests begin. Thus far, this Robin Hood inspired game is proceeding apace. It has officially reached the point where I have more trouble envisioning a future without it than I do envisioning a future with it.

It will be well into the year before the game is done, but there will be mischief afoot in the Greenwood afore that. Keep a wary eye upon the #LincolnGreen hashtag on G+ for more details anon.

Worlds Without Master Presents

Worlds-IconI have three new games waiting to be published within the pages of Worlds Without Master. The first of these will likely be is Invisible Empire, wherein ambassadors, explorers and other dignitaries eschew crucifixion by delighting the Silent Emperor with accounts of the many splendors and horrors to be found under his gracious and benevolent rule.

This will probably be followed by Beggars’ Night which is about the night the beggars’ guild took their revenge upon the thieves’ guild. And then by one tentatively entitled The Red Ecstasy of Glory. Each of these is a stand-alone game playable in an hour or less, but they also make up the foundation for Swords Without Master and are designed to teach how to squeeze the very best play out of that system.

In addition to these new releases, a few titles previously published in the ethereal pages of Worlds will reappear in more tangible forms, the first of which you will hear about in a few weeks. I do not wish to spoil the surprise, but wolves may be involved. And mayhaps spells. Wolves and spells. But I have already said too much.

I’m not even stopping there when it comes to the future of Worlds. 2015 will probably see six new issues, which means more fiction, more comics, more games, more swords and more sorcery. Including some rather terrifying plans to blossom into new forms. If you’re not already a member of the Patron Horde and you don’t want to miss out on all this, you best get on that.

The Untold Future

D1kH-IconThere are a few games that have been sitting on the backburner (some for quite a while) that are slowly reaching a boil. I will not mention them by name, for I wish to avoid disturbing their simmering slumber. We cannot yet count them among the works slated for release in 2015, but we can hope.

We can always hope.

The Tally

But let’s set that bit of vague speculation aside for the moment and look at the cold, hard numbers.

Best Year for Total Game Releases

2013 with 3: Vast & StarlitWhat is a Roleplaying Game? and Wolfspell.

Best Year for Total Issues of Worlds

2014 with 4: Issues Three through Six.

Projected Releases for 2015

4 new games: Lincoln Green, Invisible Empire, Beggars’ Night and The Red Ecstasy of Glory.
6 new issues of Worlds Without Master.

As I have said, these calculations are inescapable: 2015 will be my most productive year since the 70s. I will dig these thousand holes yet!

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