Here’s what I have said about #51in15:

Over the course of 2015, I intend to play 51 different tabletop games. Some of these shall be roleplaying games. Some shall be card games. Some may be boardgames. I suspect even one or two will be wargames. Some will be new to me. Some will be new this year. Quite a few will probably still be somewhere in the design process. Some will be old. And some I will have played a thousand times before. But I will only count each one once, no matter how many times I play it over the course of the year. So there will be a variety of them.

Several have taken up the challenge and begun their own list of 51 different games played in the year 2015. In fact, enough folks are participating that I thought it might be fun to add some achievement badges into the mix. Take them and display them proudly in your trophy room or upon the Internet. Or, secret them away, so you alone can enjoy the fruits of your victories. Don’t let me tell you what to do with them.


I’ll add more of these—one for each month—as those new months approach. But some folks are burning through their games so fast, and I wanted at least one badge waiting for them at the finish line. Also, expect badges for those of you blowing past 51. Ramping all the way up to . . .


But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves. Instead, let’s take a look at some more manageable goals.


For those who have played at least five games with more than five players apiece.


For those who have played at least 30 games that have taken less than 30 minutes each.





As you might expect, I have a vested interest in seeing people play a larger variety of role-playing games. These are for the brave souls who can rise to the challenge and have made at least 6, 15, 30 or 45 of their 51 games roleplaying games.





If you’re going to earn any badges this year, make these the ones! (Here are a couple links to help set you down this path: Darkshire.net’s list of women RPG designers and Designing Women on Board Game Geek.)

I’ve got more badges on the way, but these should get us started. Please feel free to make your own! Especially if you have a horse in the race. In fact, if you do have a horse in the race, congrats, you just earned this badge:


If you want to make your badges look like mine (and you are certainly under no obligation to do so), this is what you need to know:

  • The images are made from icons swiped from the nifty Game-Icons.net.
  • The dimensions are 346 pixels by 116 pixels because that is the most harmonic of the dimensional ratios.
  • The font for the sash is Century Gothic and the other font is Trajan Pro.