Digging 1,000 Holes on Itch.io

Finally, a post that isn’t about a calculator!

As part of my New Years resolution to find new horizons to litter with my works, I turn now to the much vaunted Itch.io.

My first impression, reading through their FAQs, is that I going to dig this site. It’s got a ton of features that I can make use of, including:

  • VAT support, because VAT is something I never want to deal with.
  • Bulk download keys, which can help with crowdfunding fulfillment and perhaps Epimas?
  • Patreon integration, which is still useful to me, even though ill-made decisions at Patreon set me on this path in the first place.

One drawback for Worlds which haunts me everywhere is that folks rarely have a way to classify a magazine that includes stories, games, and comics. They really want to pigeonhole you into one or another of those three categories. Itch.io does not seem to be an exception. But I’m learning to live with that.

What impresses me that most about Itch.io is how they let you set the percentage of your sales they get to keep–from 0% to 100% with a default at 10%. I. Dig. That.

Right, without further ado, I present to you the Dig a Thousand Holes itch.io store!

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  1. dwbapst · March 1, 2018

    Wait, just a little out of it maybe… does this mean Worlds will no longer be released via Patreon?

    (Also, when will the next issue be out?)

    • Epidiah · March 1, 2018

      Worlds is still on Patreon. It means that Itch.io can be an easy way for me to fulfill the Patreon should something happen with DriveThru. A large part of this endeavor is about making sure I have backup plans for when things beyond my control go awry.

      For now though, still on Patreon. And I’m looking very keenly at April.

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