Speed Runs of Swords Without Master

It has begun!

On Sunday, April 29th, over on the ActualPlay Twitch channel, we had our first of several Swords Without Master speed runs. You witness the glory for yourself!

Though those two videos total almost two hours of viewing enjoyment, the speed run itself, from the roll for the first overtone to the last reincorporation, takes about 50 minutes and 16 seconds.

That first roll for the overtone takes place around 42 minutes into the first video. Before that we have our rogue creation and a brief overview of the rules of the game. Our plan is to use a recurring cast of Rogue Players and their rogues, so in the future these preliminaries will be less and less necessary. But we wanted to include them in these early episodes to serve as an intro to the game rules and the characters.

Speed Runs

Our quest is to tell a complete and enthralling sword and sorcery short story using the Swords Without Master rules as is in 40 minutes or less.

My secret goal is 25 minutes, roughly the length of a Thundarr the Barbarian episode, the preferred Sunday morning cartoon fare of my youth.

Ah, but the destination is not as important as the fearsome struggles and sorcerous meddling we’ll face along the way. Join us if you dare!

We’ll take up our swords again Sunday, June 3rd, 2018, on the ActualPlay channel, at 11 AM EDT. Join us in the chat live or watch the video on demand afterwards on the ActualPlay Twitch or YouTube channel.

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