Andy Teaches Eppy About Contact Juggling

If learning is the process of failing until you don’t, then this next episode is all about Eppy “learning” to juggle a ball.

Andy Berdan joins me for the latest installment of Person Teaches Eppy About Thing wherein I giggle a lot as I drop my ball and root around for it on screen.

Behold, Andy Teaches Eppy About Contact Juggling!

Despite all the balls flying around in the video, this is not the sort of juggling where things are typically tossed. This is a style more fitting for a Goblin King, a style where the ball never appears to lose contact with your body.

I had a lot of fun recording this and I’m actually looking forward to getting home this evening so I can practice more, which is not what I expected. And when I shared this video with my co-working friends at Another Castle, I didn’t expect so many other folks to know what contact juggling was. I have been oblivious!

At about 42 minutes, this is the shortest Person Teaches Eppy About Thing I’ve done thus far—followed by Shel Teaches Eppy About Merch at around an hour forty and then the two hour opus that is Tyler Teaches Eppy About Playwriting—and it was quite a bit more physical. My horizons are broadening!

Person Teaches Eppy About Thing

I’m looking to record more of these. If you’re a person who knows about a thing, I’d love for you to teach me about it. Let’s hang out and record it! Hit me up in the comments or on my Twitter or wherever else you may find me. It doesn’t matter what your thing is, if you’re passionate about it, I bet I’d dig it.

Cover photo by CláudioM used under the Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0) license.

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