Eppy on Drawing the Owl!

I should have posted about this sooner, but I’ve been on vacation, so my boss has cut me a little slack.

Recently, Sid Icarus invited me to sit down and have a chat with him about my process, a love for learning, the value of our work, my inherent gracelessness, Leif Mustard, failure, and . . . well, and so much more.

Check it out!

This talk has stuck with me for a while. Especially the bit about writing How Do You Write a Roleplaying Game? At the moment, I am absolutely not seeking new projects, but this calls to me! A game that follows the model of What Is a Roleplaying Game? where each answer to the titular question is accompanied by rules that illustrate it. It feels like a titanic project with a tiny product at the end, but it really appeals to me.

Perhaps some day.

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