Loren Teaches Eppy About Beer

Person Teaches Eppy About Thing returns with perhaps the most important topic yet: Beer!

Loren Peterson, a beer professional and enthusiast, teaches me the differences between an ale and a lager, what makes a sour beer sour, the proper way to pour for aromatics, and much more!

Check it out!

And in case you were wondering about the sword & sorcery beer commercials I couldn’t quite recall in the video, feast your eyes:

Person Teaches Eppy About Thing

I’m looking to record more of these. If you’re a person who knows about a thing, I’d love for you to teach me about it. Let’s hang out and record it! Hit me up in the comments or on my Twitter or wherever else you may find me. It doesn’t matter what your thing is, if you’re passionate about it, I bet I’d dig it.

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