Swords Without Overplayer

Rogue Scroll

1 rulebook…

2 sourcebooks…

3 whole pages…

100% compatible with Swords Without Master

1% of the price of D&D…

Rogue Scroll is a bare-bones adaptation of Swords Without Master* crammed unto a single scroll. It has all the rules you need to create your Rogues and send them forth into adventure—without the looming presence of an Overplayer. You need only supply at least one other player, writing implements, two six-sided dice you can tell apart, and your imagination.

Plus! “The Scroll of Invocations,” a single-scroll sourcebook of adventure, peril, and thunder!

Also! “The Scroll of Demands,” a single-scroll sourcebook for when you need a little inspiration to nudge your Rogues into trouble.

Swords Without Master is in Worlds Without Master, issue 3, which was part of the Itch Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, so you probably already have it. You do not need Swords Without Master to enjoy Rogue Scroll. Rogue Scroll is a standalone game that can also serve as a supplement or even an introduction to Swords Without Master.

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