Space Fantasy for Swords Without Master



1 sci-fi supplement for Rogue Scroll

2 supplements for the supplement…

3 whole pages…

100% compatible with Swords Without Master*

1% of the price of a 2-year subscription to Disney+…

Starward” mixes science fantasy into the gooey sword & sorcery of your Rogue Scroll or Swords Without Master game. Starships engaged in dogfights! Dueling laser swords! Alien worlds! Trusty companions and wandering tones!

Plus, “The Scroll of the Stellar Atlas,” a single-scroll guidebook to the most famous and secretive ports of the universe, and the starships that frequent them!

Also, “The Scroll of the Forked Paths,” a single-scroll sourcebook for randomly generating a Starward Rogue—either with your friends or through solo play!

Swords Without Master is in Worlds Without Master, issue 3, which was part of the Itch Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, so you probably already have it. You do not need Swords Without Master to enjoy Rogue Scroll. Rogue Scroll is a standalone game that can also serve as a supplement or even an introduction to Swords Without Master.


Buy it here for only $1.39!

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