The Time Immortal Bundle

Can’t decide if you want to play a vampire game or a time travel game? Well, here’s your chance to do both. Time & Temp: Paperless Office Edition is now bundled with Annalise: The Final Edition in a promotion we’re calling The Time Immortal Bundle. Get both PDFs now for only $15.

Then you can combine the two into an awesome weekend of gaming.


Here’s how you do it:

Night 1: Put together a Time & Temp game in which the temps are sent back in to the late 1800s to prevent a time traveling Stephanie Meyer from convincing Bram Stoker that Dracula would be so much cooler with sparkles.

Night 2: Put together an Annalise game in which Bram Stoker, right after being saved from a fate worse than death by the temps, gets involved in a tryst with a real life vampire that inspires him to write Dracula.

Next Weekend: Rinse and repeat.

Dread House is Coming

The good news is we sold out of Dread House at GenCon.

The bad news is we sold out of Dread House at GenCon.

Emily and I are currently on a post-GenCon vacation, but will be returning to home base next week. On Tuesday (August 17th, 2010) we’ll be set up to take orders and print more. Stay tuned for more details.

Dread House in the Hizzle!

In case you’re not going to GenCon and won’t be stopping by ye olde Design Matters booth (#2100), here’s a sneak peak at that physical product:

The Tragic Tale of Swords Without Master

I’ve hit that spot with Swords Without Master where I have to decide if I want it done for GenCon or if I want it done right. And that’s not a real decision. So, alas, there will be no Sw/oM at the Design Matters booth this year.

As it got closer and closer to the wire, I just found myself making more and more compromises. And at some point it drifted too far from my original vision in a way I became less and less comfortable with. So I’ve moved the deadline to November of 2010 to give me time to uncompromise it and making the game I want.

If you’re at GenCon and looking for Swords Without Master, please do stop by the Design Matters booth (#2100). We’ll have a small preview of the game there to browse. And I’ll be handing out coupons for a discount on the November release of the Sw/oM book.

It’s not all bad news. Dread House is done and will be at GenCon along with more physical copies of Time & Temp. So there’s plenty to be had from Dig a Thousand Holes at the Design Matters booth this year.

So let’s talk about this game.

What is Swords Without Master?

  • It’s a sword & sorcery game, with a focus on the short story end of the genre particularly inspired by Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd & Gray Mouser series.
  • It is very prep-flexible. Swords requires absolutely no prep whatsoever, but is able to accommodate those lovingly detailed maps, carefully constructed NPC communities and a well designed monsters you’ve sunk all that time into.
  • It’s a fast playing game. Like a short story, it covers a lot of ground in very little time. Typical Swords games take about two to three hours, but can cover years of the characters’ adventures or the longest night of their lives.
  • It’s a descendant of the game MonkeyDome. You should check it out, it’s free. Swords Without Master greatly expands upon the MonkeyDome foundation, but it is still firmly set in it.

What will be in the book?

There will be six main chapters and a ton of appendices.

  • Tale Yet Untold Of–An introductory chapter to get you familiar with key concepts and a word of advice for experienced role-players as well as advice for those coming at it with more of a story game background.
  • The City of Fire & Coin–An introductory adventure that will teach you the rules as you go along. It’s designed for you and three friends to just open the book and go.
  • The Basic Game–The complete game presented in a manner that’s easy to reference during a game if need be.
  • Crows at the Crossroads–An example of play of an entire session from beginning to end, covering all the major rules.
  • The Advance Game–Supplementary rules that aren’t necessary to the game, but can be useful at times.
  • The Book of Thunder & Storm–A collection of monsters, villains, traps and other perils that can be encountered in the world of Swords Without Master.
  • The Appendices–Lots and lots of additional material that can help you get your game together, including how to play it on the road, how to play it without an Overplayer (something akin to a GM), and several types of random adventure generation.

When will it be available?

November 2010.

GenCon Approaches, Soon I Shall Sleep

I will once again be joining Design Matters at GenCon. This year we’ll be in booth #2100 and our new booth menu is now online.

The line-up includes:

Now with 100% more Kagematsu!

I’m really excited about this year’s line-up. I see tons of great gaming happening in the upcoming year. I’m particularly pleased with the fact that we have not one, but two new games coming out aimed at younger audiences: Daniel Solis‘s Happy Birthday, Robot! and Dread House by Emily Care Boss and yours truly. All part of our diabolical plan to enthrall an entire new generation of gamers.

You’ll definitely want to follow  the Design Matters twitter feed for promos leading up to and throughout the con!

And don’t forget the massive Design Matters PDF Bundle. Six games for $30!

Plus! If your going to GenCon, you absolutely don’t want to miss RPGirl. I’ve enjoyed privileged access to the current issue as it was being made, and I’m pretty damn excited for it. A must have for role-players of all persuasions.

Alas this fine product won’t be at the Design Matters booth, but you’ll find it at the Indie Press Revolution booth (#2339). Be sure to check it out.

Welcome to Dread House

A horror game for kids & brave adults.

By Emily Care Boss & Epidiah Ravachol

Featuring art from Tony Dowler, Anna-Maria Jung, & Jim Sullivan

Coming to GenCon 2010
at the Design Matters Booth, #2100

What Kind of Sucker Buys One Game for $10…

…when you can get six for $30?

I mean, seriously, what’s wrong with you?

For a limited time the Design Matters crew is offering a PDF bundle containing six amazing stand-alone games for only $30. From horror to sci-fi, comedy to drama, there’s something for everyone in this selection the newest and freshest independently published games.

The Design Matters 2010 Bundle includes:

  • Annalise, a gothic horror story game of pain, hunger and redemption by Nathan D. Paoletta (carry. a game about war.)
  • The Dance and the Dawn, a fantasy fable of dance and romantic tragedy by Dev Purkayastha
  • Happy Birthday, Robot! a story-telling game for families and classrooms by Daniel Solis (Meatbot Massacre)
  • Labyrinths & Lycanthropes, a no-nonsense monster bash by Joe J Prince (Contenders, Piledrivers & Powerbombs)
  • Time & Temp, a game of time travel and under-employment by Epidiah Ravachol (Dread)
  • Remember Tomorrow, near-future cyberpunk roleplaying by Gregor Hutton (Best Friends, 3:16)

Buy it here!

All of these great games will be available in print at the Design Matters booth (#2100) at Gen Con, but why wait?