Lincoln Green


Still in development, #LincolnGreen is a game of robbing the rich to feed the poor. Follow the hashtag here, on G+ or on Twitter for the most recent updates.


To accommodate the collective weight of over seven centuries of ballads, tales, comics, TV series, films, and legends, #LincolnGreen has five default play styles. Each style has rules and fiction elements that add to the base game and more closely shape it to the way you want to play. And if those five don’t suit you directly, you can mix and match among them to create your own.

Merry Folk

Merry FolkCompanions-in-arms, the Merry Folk of the Forest are heroes of the people, the stuff of legend, and the backbone of the game. You start the game with capable characters who are in some ways on equal footing with the unjust and corrupt rulers they oppose. The Greenwood is your home and poaching ground. It keeps you safe from danger and want. You risk your lives to aid the poor and the downtrodden and you well-suited for the task. You are a symbol of hope like the Robin Hood of song and legend.


OutlawsThe Outlaws Tradition is less forgiving than the Merry Folk. Outlaw characters start the game with very little in the way of expertise and resources—desperate common folk who can take no more. Each player starts with a handful of such commoners and should expect most of them not to make it through their first winter in the woods. It is a brutal life of outlawry and rebellion you have chosen for yourselves, but if you keep your heads and hands, you can make a home for yourselves in the wilds of the Greenwood.


Wolves-HeadThe Wolves’-Heads Tradition is a medieval romance in a world sundered even further from our own history. The people of this tradition are the anthropomorphic—stoat yeomen, hare friars, raven thieves, and tiger knights. There is much weirdness to be found here with dinosaurs and giant insects taking on the roles of wild animals and beasts of burden left vacant by the species now available as characters. But there is, by default, nothing particularly magical about this tradition. You are the Merry Folk of the Greenwood, outlaws and rebels disobeying unjust, and you happen to be walking, talking animals.

Children of Herne

Children of HerneThe Children of Herne Tradition brings magic to the game, allowing for sorcerous characters, arcane rituals, faeries, and gods. The world of the Children of Herne is mystical, but it is not overrun with sorcery. Magic hides in the dark corners of the forest, beneath the abbey flagstones, and beyond the veil of mystery. New and old gods battle each other far removed from the world, leaving most common folk to live ordinary lives, even as they live them in fear of what lurks in the night.


ScampsA tradition for a more lighthearted game. Well-suited for younger audiences and their families, Scamps holds to the adventure and action of the other traditions, but eschews some of the more brutal aspects of the combat system. Consequences aren’t removed entirely. They just don’t dwell on the more graphic results of being struck by a metal-tipped shaft that was flung at speeds exceeding 150 feet per second.

The icons for the traditions used on this page are CC BY 3.0 Lorc and can be found at

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