Playstorming works like this: One of us is too lazy to come up with a whole idea for a game so we play with whatever little bit we’ve got. We think about what we want the game to do and develop rules as we play.

Our Playstormosophy:

From chaos, order is born. The playstormers should be ready to drop everything and immediately implement any changes that appeal to them. There should be no attachment to the flow of the game. Stop, change, evolve, enjoy.

To be a game-bearer is to be alone. The game-bearer decides which rules, if any at all, will ultimately be used. When putting together the final game, they are under no obligation to accept any of the suggestions previously playstormed. It is a terrible responsibility that they alone must bear.

Each playstormer is responsible for their own fun. The game-bearer need not worry about entertaining the rest of us. Each of us will suggest the rules and modifications that we feel will make the experience more enjoyable for our own selves.

The new world after the storm. The game-bearer is under no obligation to accept any suggestions in the final project and this frees them to accept more suggestions during the storm. Playstorming works best when everyone involved has an open mind. You may walk out of playstorming with a totally different game than the one you walked in with.