Swords Without Overplayer

Rogue Scroll

1 rulebook…

2 sourcebooks…

3 whole pages…

100% compatible with Swords Without Master

1% of the price of D&D…

Rogue Scroll is a bare-bones adaptation of Swords Without Master* crammed unto a single scroll. It has all the rules you need to create your Rogues and send them forth into adventure—without the looming presence of an Overplayer. You need only supply at least one other player, writing implements, two six-sided dice you can tell apart, and your imagination.

Plus! “The Scroll of Invocations,” a single-scroll sourcebook of adventure, peril, and thunder!

Also! “The Scroll of Demands,” a single-scroll sourcebook for when you need a little inspiration to nudge your Rogues into trouble.

Swords Without Master is in Worlds Without Master, issue 3, which was part of the Itch Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, so you probably already have it. You do not need Swords Without Master to enjoy Rogue Scroll. Rogue Scroll is a standalone game that can also serve as a supplement or even an introduction to Swords Without Master.

Dig 1,000 Holes on Gumroad

As part of my New Years resolution to find new horizons to litter with my works, I turn now to Gumroad.

I’m not overbrimming with opinions about Gumroad at the moment. It was easy to set up, but it doesn’t seem to handle VAT and there isn’t a whole lot of structure for cross-pollination, so right now I’m a bit more enamored with Itch.io.

That said, I’ve not done a deep dive on all the features offered by Gumroad. If you’re a Gumroad seller with an opinion to share, tell me what you’re digging!

In the meantime…

Behold, the Dig a Thousand Holes Gumroad store!

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Examplinauts Part II: Failure, Déjà Vu

Continued from Rolling With the Temps

It’s looking grim for Colin and Sylvester as our previous, and rather literal, cliffhanger has left them clinging to the door of their time machine some 30 feet in the air. But more importantly, Mr. Hartnell has slapped Misters Baker and McCoy with a verbal Incident Report each. That’s two on the table, which means if they get one more before they can get rid of these, it’ll be a written report. And nobody wants that.

Mr. Hartnell: Well, gentlemen, what do you intend to do?

Mr. Baker: I fully intend to hang here. It’s a lovely day, the air is brisk, and the exercise could do me some good.

Mr. McCoy: Well, if you’re not going to get us out of this mess, I certainly will.

Mr. Baker: I should hope so!

Mr. McCoy: Can I swing over to the cliff face and get a foot hold?

Mr. Hartnell: You can certainly try. Are you setting the effort here or the effect?

Mr. McCoy: Oh the effort, yes. It seems to be a major one at that. Exnaut A

Mr. Hartnell: Yes. The effect will leave you on the cliff face, where you’ll likely be able to climb down, I suppose. Minor, definitely. So you should be rolling d10s.

Again, by crossing referencing the minor and major on the effect and effort chart, Mr. Hartnell has cleverly sussed out the die to use.

Also worth noting, since our temps have not, so far, really interacted with other, and have only just been affecting their own lives, Mr. Hartnell has consistently been setting the effect to minor. Though he can change what that exact effect could be–everything from getting down safely to crawling back into the time machine to ending up clinging to the cliff wall–the level will still be minor until they start interfering with the lives of others.

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Voyage of the Examplinauts, Part I: Rolling With the Temps

And thus begins our journey into the seedy underbelly of Time & Temp‘s mechanics.



Mr. Baker playing Colin, a hot-headed former child prodigy who was rejected by NASA astronautics program because of his psych profile.
Mr. McCoy playing Sylvester, a private piano instructor trying to make ends meet with a second job.
Ms. Ward playing Lalla, a retired veteran of the NYPD circa 2031.

General Manager

Mr. Hartnell

We join our Examplinauts as they’re just about to take their first trip through time. Todd, their immediate manager, has already collected them and herded them into the Domed Room and said as little as he can about what awaits. After tinkering for a moment with the Commodore 64, he wishes the temps good luck and closes the door behind him.

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Curious About What Time & Temp Looks Like . . .

. . . splayed across my living room floor? You might want to click on it for a larger and much less blurry, but no less creepy, picture of it.


[From left to right: the Marigold Staffing letter; the numbered file jacket ; BCE, Inc., Employee Handbook; General Management Policy; and the six card stock rule sheets. Not shown: Incident Report Sheet and free PDF updates.]

Time & Temp Questions & Answers

If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. Hit me up in the comments and we’ll make this happen.

Or mosey on over to the new forums and ask them there!

Leaked: Sensitive Browne Chronometric Engineering, Inc., Documents!

A rare glimpse into world of a temp has just fallen into my lap. The BCE’s Employee Handbook as been leaked by unknown sources. I’m posting it here under the assumption that if it ever got back to the company, they would have stopped me from posting it already.

BCE Employee Handbook [Book Fold Ready Version: BCE Employee Handbook BF]

Please exercise the utmost discretion when sharing this with others. The consequences of this falling into the wrong, or just careless, hands is almost unfathomable.

Along with this package, I’ve been given access to a number of more mundane BCE documents, such as their Incident and Progress Reports as well as something known as the Matrix which has some rather chilling implications.

The question you have to ask yourself is: Do we trust corporate America with this kind of power? Do we trust temp workers?

Time to Get Started

Let’s kick this off right.

Time & Temp: Unbound Edition

Sold Out: I currently have no more copies of Time & Temp: Unbound Edition. But fret not! There will be more waiting for you at Indie Press Revolution real soon now and then there’s the PDF version titled Time & Temp: The Paperless Office Edition.

There are a bunch of Time & Temps trekking to IPR as I type, but for those who can’t wait, I have eight (8) six (6) five (5) four (4) two (2) no copies burning a hole in my pocket! If you’ve got PayPal and want a copy, e-mail me (address to the right) for availability. $20 plus $3 shipping and handling for those within the continental United States. Talk to me about shipping elsewhere.

You’ll get a numbered manila file jacket containing:

  • The complete rules on six 8½ x 11 card stock handouts;
  • The Browne Chronometric Engineering, Inc., Employee Handbook;
  • The General Management Policy;
  • A letter to the prospective employee from Marigold Staffing;
  • A sheet of Incident Reports;
  • And access to free PDF updates in perpetuity.