Time & Temp

Adventure awaits you in the exciting field of temporary staffing!

299-IconTime & Temp is a game of time travel and underemployment for 3 to 5 players.

Employed by Marigold Staffing and working at Browne Chronometric Engineering, Inc., you travel through the ages actualizing solutions for the anomalies and paradoxes that threaten all of existence. You are reality’s only line of defense in the war between the  rigidity of causality and freewill. And your only reward is the hard earned satisfaction of a job well done (plus $11.50 an hour and a modest health package including comprehensive immunizations for history’s most prolific diseases).

Join now and help make anachronism a thing of the past!

Time & Temp: Paperless Office Edition is a PDF containing the following:

  • The Browne Chronometric Engineering, Inc., Employee Handbook;
  • The General Management Policy;
  • A rules primer to be read on screen;
  • And printable 8½ x 11 handouts of all the rules.

299-IconPurchase the Time & Temp: Paperless Office Edition for only $2.99!

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The Paperless Office Edition is also available at Indie Press Revolution and DriveThruRPG.

If you already have the now out of print Unbound Edition, you can have the Paperless Office Edition for free. All you have to do is register for the free PDF updates as per the instructions on your rules handouts.