So far, slim pickings, but as the questions roll in, I’ll start to fill this out. For less frequently asked questions, or if you’ve got questions of your own, head on over here.

Questions about Time & Temp:

What is the difference between the two editions?

  • Primarily, the Unbound Edition is a physical product and the Paperless Office Edition is a PDF.
  • The Unbound Edition comes with free access to PDF updates whenever they become available, which includes access to the Paperless Office Edition.
  • Beyond that, the Unbound Edition has a few tidbits, such as a letter from Marigold Staffing and the gorgeous file jacket that the Paperless Office Edition does not have.
  • Oh, and the Paperless Office Edition costs less (by half!), requires no shipping, and will never be out of stock.

Are the players limited to making only one of each type of Synchronic Set?

No. You can complete as many of any type of Synchronic Set as you want. For example, if you manage to line up 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 in a column, you get a Synchonicity Token because you’ve lined up seven consecutive numbers. Now if you roll up a 5 and place it at the end of that column, you get another Synchronicity Token because 11 through 5 make up another set of seven consecutive numbers.

How exactly does the Temporal Villainy Index Menace Rating work?

There are several questions dealing with this topic, so I thought I might just tackle it as a whole. So here’s the text from the latest version of the PDF.

Whenever the temps are dealing with a menace that is rated on The Keeley-Sullivan Temporal Villainy Index (see the General Management Policy), the GM will periodically check off the lowest circle on this end of the Anachronometer. Once the second circle is checked off for a set of numbers, both numbers Threaten Paradox and the Paradox Dice are rolled.
A Menace Rating of 0 checks one circle off every two hours of real time you’ve been playing. A Menace Rating of 1 checks a circle off every hour and a half. A rating of 2 checks it off every hour. A rating of 3 checks it off every 40 minutes. And a rating of 4 does so every 20 minutes.
You’ll find information on just exactly what constitutes a rating on The Temporal Villainy Index in the General Management Policy book. The rating itself is a number from 0 to 4. It serves two functions in the game mechanics themselves.
The first is to occasionally cause the Paradox Dice to be rolled. This represents the impact your temporal villain’s meddling has on history, and how close that effect comes to causing a paradox. So, as you play the game, keep an eye on the clock. That is the real clock, not a clock in game. Every so often you’re going to check off circles in the Anachronometer regardless of what the players are doing. How often is depended upon the TVI Rating, according to the chart on the back of the Matrix sheet.
The illustration on the right should help clarify the order in which the circles are filled in. Every time you fill in a circle to the right of the line, you roll the Paradox Dice, just as you would when the players fill in a circle to the right of the line. And after you fill in a circle to the right of the line, those numbers will threaten paradox, again just as if the players had done the same on their end of the Anachronometer.
The second thing a TVI Rating does is give your menace Penalties.
Threats rated on the TVI give the GM a number of penalties equal to their Menace Rating. These are only used when the temps directly interfere with the menace. Any time the GM needs to use all of these penalties on a single roll, the threat’s menace rating is reduced by one for the rest of the adventure. This affects both the amount of penalties available for future rolls and how often they cause a Paradox roll.

Questions about the Unbound Edition:

Where can I purchase the Unbound Edition?

Time & Temp: Unbound Edition is now currently available at Indie Press Revolution.

I also have a limited supply of Time & Temp: Unbound Edition for $20 plus $3 shipping and handling. E-mail me for availability (and shipping costs for locations outside the U.S.).

I have the Unbound Edition, how do I get access to the free PDF updates?

Take a look at the card stock rules sheets, particularly the one with the title. On the other side of that sheet there’s a section called “This is a Living File.” Tucked in there are instructions for how to register for the File Extension program.

Questions about the Paperless Office Edition:

Where can I purchase the Paperless Office Edition?

Right here. You can have it now for just $10.

Or you can find it at Indie Press Revolution.

Or you can find it at DriveThruRPG.

Examplinauts Index:

  • The Anachronometer: 12
  • Anomalies: 2
  • Bickering: 1
  • Bonuses: 12
  • Cooperation Bonus: 2
  • C.V. Bonus: 12
  • Déjà Vu: 2
  • Failure: 2
  • Incident: 12
  • The Matrix: 12
  • Penalties: 12
  • Rolling: 1 & 2
  • Setting Effect: 2
  • Setting Effort: 12
  • Situational Advantage:  2